POV Books and Cards has issued a six card set for National
Postcard Week 2008.  This set is one of several the press
will issue to celebrate 15 years of publishing.   The price
for this set is $25.  It comes in a wrapper and includes a
seventh card which reproduces a poster for this event. 
Only 50 sets will be made.   The cards, which are 4 X 6
inches, are printed on fine Bienfangacid free paper.

      The great states of Delaware, Maryland, New
Jersey, and Ohio as well as parts of New York
have passed non smoking legislation to protect
the health of their citizens.  At the same time,
legislators in Harrisburg and Philadelphia con-
tinue to struggle with this urgent matter. There-
fore, POV has issued an open invitation, with
a postcard back, to come on down to Delaware
until Pennsylvania becomes a safe place to eat,
drink, shop and gamble

Copies of this invitation may be purchased
for $3.   Send one to a friend in PA or any
state that has yet to deal with this major
public health issue.