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POV is pleased to announce the publication of its 2008 postcard calendars and calendars.  Most designs are available in both formats and all are printed on fine acid free watercolor paper.  In the past POV has arranged for a few of the postcard sets to be cancelled on New Year's eve.  If you are interested in this option please email . Most designs that were issued in prior years will also be available this year...such as the Halloween and Santa calendars. 

POV has issued a calendar and calendar on postcards using the Dwig "Never" graphics in micro editions--less than twenty five sets.  A Winsch Hallowe-en Calendar and Set of Postcards is also available. 

For 2008, POV will issue calendars and postcard calendars on fine acid free paper featuring the artwork of John Winsch, Dwig, Frusius. Heinmuller and others.   These are very small editions.  Order early to ensure receipt of desired items, particularly if you plan on using them
as Christmas gifts.  For more details concerning these items please contact